Wall St Geek & it's done in a week!

Welcome to Wall Street Geeks. Here in the financial district we know how precious seconds can be, so when any of your gadgets crack, chip or brick, let us pick it up, or drop it off yourself for repairs!  

Quick & Reliable Repair


On-site technicians with years of experince repairing computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Anything can be done with us from replacing a cracked LCD screen to removing a virus from your office desktop.  


Reliable Courier Service

  Experience the lowest amount of technical downtime by choosing us! Wall St Geeks is dedicated to our customers, and our courier system is a testament to this. Contact us anytime before 5pm to schedule a pickup Monday-Friday anywhere in the Financial District!

Here at Wall  St. Geek, we provide services for many top companies please click here to continue.